Oct 24

Great Places For Kneeboarding Around The World

KneeboardingThese days, surfing is one of the most famous sports, particularly for people who live near the beach with tropical climate and good wave. With this adventurous sport, surfers often get excitement and relaxation when they are riding the wave to the shore.

While most people will associate riding wave with surfing, there are other sports that are related with riding the wave like kneeboarding. Just like surfing, kneeboarding need a good wave that can be rode by surfers.

Kneeboarding also need board as device to ride the wave. One of the most distinctive about this sport is the need of fast boat to pull the kneeboarders across the surface of water.

There are many places that can accommodate this type of surfing. Most of them are also great travel destination, so you can have great time doing kneeboarding while taking holiday to an exotic place. So, here are some of those places.

Roatan Island in Honduras

Unlike other travel destination, there is not much population in this island. It has tropical climate with clean and great beaches.

There is not much tourists that travel to this place, so you can kneeboarding to your heart’s content. The cost for kneeboarding in this place is also much lower compare to other places.

Costa Rica

This place is also make a good place for kneeboarding. This country provide great kneeboarding destination that famous around this sport enthusiasts.

Many of the beaches in this country has great environment with perfect wave for kneeboarding. The surfers surely will love these unique spots.


For knee boarders who want to have great experience when doing this sport, Maldives could be the right place to go. This place has tropical climate which is located in southern part of Asia with pristine beach, clear ocean and white beach.

Maldives beach has great waves for kneeboarding. This place is a great alternative for knee boarders who are bored with the overcrowded beach in California.


For knee boarder who are seeking for kneeboarding destination that have a lot of beautiful things, Hawaii might be the right kneeboarding place for them. This place has great beaches with great waves, warm climate all year round, great tourist attraction and many more.


This country is one of hottest place for kneeboarding. Its popularity as a great kneeboarding destination is continue to increase among knee boarders.

Philippines provides pristine beaches with great waves. This place is not only satisfied your need for great kneeboarding experience, but also will give your great nature adventures.

Kneeboarding is a sport that is quite selective about the location. The places that are mentioned above is great location that are suitable to perform this activity and will improve your kneeboarding activity and experience.


Oct 17

Fun Exercise With Trampoline

TrampolinePlaying with trampoline can be good exercise for your body in a fun and enjoyable way. This game can be played by any age groups and gender. This game can also improve body coordination, timing, rhythm and balance, so it can be use as additional practice for other sports.

These days, the trampolines are available in various sizes, colors and shapes. Professional trampolines which is often used for official events or sport, are made from a galvanized steel frame with the size of 10’W x 17’L x 45″H with 7’W x 14’L for the mat size.

The trampoline mat is connected by strong steel strings. The mat was made from black polypropylene material. The professional trampoline usually has more bounce since it has better porosity with less air resistance compare to the regular trampolines.

To improve its safety features, usually the trampoline edge is covered by padded material. The padded part usually have its own framework to support its shape and are put right on the trampoline edge in case the people who is using the trampoline falls directly to the hard edge or falling out from the trampoline.

Meanwhile the trampolines for home use usually come in octagonal or circular shape. The size of home trampolines are available from 8′ to 16′ in diameter.

Some of these trampolines have a cross woven into the fabric of the mat, indicating the center point of the trampoline. This is a safety feature is for the purpose of assisting the user to stay at the safest part of the trampoline which is located in the middle.

Additional device for your trampoline

There is also other safety device that often use like nets that are erected at the edge surrounding the trampoline. Some of these nets are part of the trampoline itself which is sold together as package and some of the nets are free standing and sold separately from the trampoline.

The nets are designed to avoid the user from falling off the trampoline and reduce the risk of getting injury. The net is very important, especially if you want to put the trampoline on a hard surface like deck, concrete or a patio or if children also want to play with it.

To protect your trampoline from debris and dust, it will be better if you get a trampoline cover. Other than to keep the trampoline clean, the cover can also prevent the risk of slipping on the mat.

You can also get the trampoline anchor kit to prevent it from sliding on the floor when it is use or strong winds. Therefore, the anchor can prevent the trampoline from bumping with other objects that can damage other objects or the trampoline itself.

If your children also want to use the trampoline, you could get a trampoline ladder. With the help of trampoline ladder, your children can get on and off the trampoline easier.

Sep 10

Underwater Adventure With Snorkeling

SnorkelingSnorkeling is the swimming activity for sightseeing the shallow seabed without using the oxygen tank. This type of activity is very popular around the world, especially at the place where there are beautiful seabed with coral and its habitat. Snorkeling is an adventure sport game that often performed for tourism.

The gears that are needed for snorkeling activity is similar to the scuba diving gears, except the oxygen tank is replaced with short tube called snorkel to help the swimmer to breathe with the air above the water surface while the swimmer floating just below the water surface and facing the seabed.

That is why snorkeling often perform in the bodies of water with still or slow current. This way it will reduce the risk the water entering the snorkel, although today snorkels are able to prevent water from entering the tube even when the snorkel completely submerge under water using protection part that has special splash guard and valve at the end of the tube where the air flows in.

Snorkeling allow people to enjoy the beauty of underwater view or even physical interaction with various coral, seaweed, mollusk, variety of fishes with various colors, stingrays, mollusks or even some jellyfishes. Although, if the jellyfishes are present in a large quantity, it will be best to not enter the water until they are gone.

Snorkeling is an exciting and thrilling activity. It is a great experience since you can only see it under the sea surface. It is rather safe sport since the swimmers did not have to deal with the huge water pressure or breathing problem like in the scuba diving.

This sport can be performed by the age of children to elderly. But, the children and elderly will need extra supervision when performing this activity and able to swim, which is the main requirement for this sport.

But there are some risks in snorkeling that could become hazardous like water entering the mask or snorkel, the lack of visibility when going under water, water pressure in the ear canals get increase after some times, dangerous sea animals that can attack  the swimmer which some of them are poisonous, etc.

Some of the best snorkeling spots are located near the equator such as Hawaiian Island, Caribbean, Indonesian Islands or the Galapagos Islands. On snorkeling destination you will found many snorkeling supply shop easily.

Those shops usually also provide snorkeling tour package or the shops associated with snorkeling tour provider. They are familiar with the snorkeling spots in the area, making easier for tourist to find great snorkeling place for their underwater adventure.

Aug 06

Some Tips To Help You Get Motivated For Performing The Exercise Routine

It is so often that we hear that some people are determine to be more fit for their body every year. But, saying that thing and actually do it is a completely a different matter. To achieve that goal, the person who are determine it need to make some plan to overcome the hurdle in their motivation, here are some suggestion to help them to achieve the goal;

Build a workout schedule

Build a workout schedule will help people to be more consistence with their exercise program just like making an appointment with the doctor or business partner. It will be harder to find spare time from your daily activity to do the workout program. You need to plan it before hand, therefore you will “make the time” to do the exercise rather than “if” you have the time.

Make small goals instead big goals

Many people make hasty goals for their workout purpose such as loosing 10lb in a month or exercising continuously for more than an hour. In reality it would be difficult to achieve these goals without the strict discipline and strong dedication, especially for beginners.

They will get bored and tired quickly with their exercise program, especially if they cannot achieve their goals. So, rather than setting up big goals for the workout program, it will be better to build small but realistic program such as three times a week for 30 minutes session in a gym or jogging for a block every day.

Exercise variations

Do not perform the same type of exercise for every workout session. This will make you become bored easily with the exercise program. You can do weight training for today and do the treadmill or exercise bike for the next day. This will help to reduce the boredom from doing the same type exercise every time.

Create a diversion

It is unavoidable that people could get bored when performing their routine, such as walking on the treadmill or when on the exercise bike for 30 minutes long, or when weight training for few sessions. At this time you need to keep your mind of from the exercise by thinking other thing such as by watching the TV, read the newspaper or magazine, listening to the radio or music or talking with other people between each session or when performing the exercise.

Get a personal trainer

With the help of personal trainer, people will able to create the exercise program that suit to their condition, become more discipline in following the workout routine, overcome the hurdle in the exercise program, good support and encouragement, and able to measure their development in more precise.

Record the development

This will help you to keep your motivation strong during the workout program. Write down every session that you have done and the result measurement. It is also will help you to determine whether you can go to the next step of the exercise program or not such as increase the weight or the intensity of your workout session.