Maintenance For Kayaking Boat

Maintenance For Kayaking BoatKayaking is really a great sport. One of the most important aspects in this sport is to maintain the boat properly. Regular maintenance is really worth it to prevent any problems when you are kayaking and also to increase the boat’s lifespan.

The basic maintenance for the kayak boat is to clean the boat regularly. First of all, you need to wash the inner and outer part of the boat to remove dirt, debris and salt from the boat, especially for people who like saltwater kayaking. You can use water hose to wash the boat and rinse it thoroughly every time after you used the boat.

This is very important thing to protect the boat’s moving parts and any parts made by metal material. Some kayaks do not have metal part like the inflatable kayak, for these types of kayaks may not need maintenance as much as regular kayak boat. But, regular cleaning is still required.

After cleaning the boat, then you need to check the boat for any crack that might happen after you use it. If there is crack on the boat, you need to fix the damage right away. Because if you delayed it, you might forget about it until you want to go for kayaking again.

The easiest way to find holes or cracks on the boat is by using light from lamp or strong flashlight. First of all put the boat in a dark room then put the lamp or flashlight that has strong light inside the boat. The light that exit from the boat is indicating there is hole or crack on the boat.

After you have fix the boat from the hole or crack, the next step is to polished the boat to make sure the boat surface smooth and maintain its appearance. There are many boat polisher that available in water sports stores. You can find out which one that suit to your need by asking your kayaking friends or the store’s staff.

After  you give the boat a good polish, the next step is to store the boat in a safe place from natural elements with balance humidity such as cool garage. This is to protect the boat from getting damage like getting dried out, worn out from high humidity or getting infested by small animals and insects.

But, if you do not have such safe place to store the boat, you can buy a cockpit cover for the kayak boat. This will prevent insects from nesting in the boat and preserve the humidity level inside the boat. A proper maintenance for the boat will preserve the kayaks for a long time.

Maximizing The Result From The Low Impact Exercise Activity II

We will continue our last discussion about tips in starting to implement the low impact exercise in your daily activities routine.

Find the exercise program that is suit with you

Just like any other things, some people can have good result by doing certain type of exercises, while other people cannot have the same result with the same exercise. So, when planning the low impact exercise activity for yourself, you need to find the movement that you can do comfortably and enjoy.

Begin by searching workout types that you can do easily. For examples, you can use any objects that you can lift and use it as weight to perform arm curls. Or you can leg lifting while sitting in chair, lift and lower the knees one leg at the time. After you get used to it, you can increase the intensity and weight. Or you can also put your hobbies to apply the exercise program plan.

By concentrating on the workout that you can enjoy, you will able to keep your spirit and motivation for performing the exercise high. You might even make the way you doing things in your daily routines become more interesting.

Discuss the workout plan with your physician

When planning to implement the low impact workout in your daily activity, it might be better if you can discuss it with your physician. Your physician might have good recommendation to achieve your goals more effectively considering they are familiar with your physical and health condition.

They are also able to supervise the progress on your exercise program and help you to adjust the workout to become more effective.

Do it according to the plan

After you finally have set the low impact exercise activity program along with the long term goals, you need to put your best effort to follow the exercise plan diligently. It might be difficult at the start and you might even have bad experience, but you need to stay focus on the goals and remember that many people are already succeeded with this fitness program are starting with small step and with the same hardship.

If you happen to miss a day of doing the workout routine, you just continue the workout plan according to the schedule that you have built. Make sure to keep your motivation and dedication running along with perseverance and patience.

So, that means the main keys to be successful in this exercise program are dedication and commitment, which is the same to every kind of sport and exercise out there. Start with small step before going further is a good decision for the success of the exercise plan.

Maximizing The Result From The Low Impact Exercise Activity

The low impact exercise can be applied to our daily physical activities. Together it will create low impact activity that we can perform anytime and every day, so we do not have to spare special time to perform the exercise.

For people who are reluctant to go to the gym or do not wish to have full out physical exercise program but still want to improve their physical fitness, the low impact workout will be the right choice for them.

One of the best advantages in this type of training, people will not need to push their physique to the limit and use a lot of their power and stamina, but still get the benefits of workout training for their physical and mental condition.

If the low impact exercise activity is performed regularly, it can become a good method as a weight loss program. There are many kinds of low impact activity that can be included in daily routine, here are some tips to start the low impact activity program;

Keep your bodies moving

When you are planning to incorporated the low impact workout into your daily activity, firstly you need to consider about how to put the workout movement into the daily activity. One of the easiest movements from low impact exercise is waling.

You can try to make yourselves walk as much as you possible without interrupting your daily activities. Try to take a walk to the grocery stores, office or working place, friends or relatives if they are not too far from your house. Or you can park the vehicle much further from your destination so you can walk more.

It may look so simple, walking can help to improve your stamina and leg strength. Although if you over doing it, you will hurt your leg muscle that could lead to cramps, sore muscle or swollen. Make sure that you also wear proper footwear that is comfortable to walk and not too tight.

Do not go overboard with the exercise goal

Most of the beginners will have a hard time to start applying the low impact exercise activity into their daily routine, so it is important to keep your expectation realistic when starting this program. This is to avoid that you become disappointed with the exercise result. Do not hope that you will have great result quickly.

At first you might need to push yourself to start the low impact activity, but you should not over doing it and exhaust yourself. Make the most achievable goals measured by your current physical condition when starting the program and increase it little by little as your physical condition improved such as increase your walking speed or the range of your walking.

This will help you to achieve the long term goals from the exercise program. You also need to always remember that by applying this exercise program, you are starting to change your daily lifestyle with the better one.

Exercising The Upper Abs Muscle

Upper Abs Muscle ExerciseMany people want to have an excellent abs muscle. And for the people who are already have great abs are always trying to maintain it by doing exercise regularly. Performing the right workout can help you to get the abs that you want and maintain it.

Having an excellent abs muscle not only it looks great, there are also other great benefits in people life. Having strong abs muscle will assist you to improve the lower back strength and fix the body posture. A well-developed abdominal muscle is an important part to improve physical health, strength and stamina.

So, here are few tips to help people in developing their abs, so they can get the strong muscle abs like they always want it to be. Naturally the upper abs muscles often do get proper training, so they become less developed. These exercise methods will focus on training the upper abs section.

Twisting crunches

The prime target for this workout is the oblique and upper abs muscles. The secondary target muscles for the twisting crunches are the lower abs muscles.

First, you need to lie on the flat floor. Use low flat bench to put your leg across and put the hands behind the head.

Curl the upper body to the bench with rotating the elbow to the opposite knee while exhaling and then go back to the first position. Repeat the same movement with the opposite side until few reps according to the training program.

When crunching the abs, you need to keep the lower back slightly rounded and do not pull the neck with your hands when crunching to avoid injury to your neck muscles. Do not lift the whole body when crunching. You must always keep the lower back stay on the floor.

If you want to focus on oblique workout, just lift the shoulder part without lifting the upper body too much.

Machine crunches

In this exercise you will be more focus to targeting your upper abs, while the oblique and lower abs are become the secondary target. And just as the name said, you will use fitness machine such as abs crunch machine to perform this workout.

There are various shapes from the crunch machine, but all of them have similarity with handles that are connected to the back pad.

First, sit on the machine as instructed. After you have comfortable sit on the machine, grab the handle and start curling the upper body to the knees and hold the position for one second before turn back to the starting position.

Keep repeating the same movement for few reps according to the exercise program that you planned. Make sure that your abs muscles are fully contracted and stretched during for every repetition.

This training will only move the abs muscle for 30 degrees, so you do not have to contract the muscle too much. But, you must keep the muscle’s tension during the repetition. This way the exercise will be more effective to achieve the result. This is because you will do muscle toning workout program with this exercise.

Field Hockey Basic Equipment

Field Hockey SportDo you know the basic equipment for field hockey? Basically there are four kinds of equipment that is needed for performing the field hockey sport. Those field hockey basic equipment are; the field hockey stick, the field hockey ball, the field hockey goal nets and the field hockey clothing.

The field hockey stick

The standard length of the field hockey stick is between 31 – 38 inches. The handle part of the stick is in round shape and become flat in the middle to the end. At the end, the stick is bent to the hook shape to hit, dribble and push the hockey ball.

In traditional field hockey, the stick was made from wood material. In its development the wood is covered by fiberglass material. In today times, the field hockey sticks are made with various synthetic material such as various plastic composite and Kevlar, while the handle part is covered with rubber or suede material.

These materials can improve the stick’s durability and its ability to control the ball. The combination of material composition will determine the field hockey stick weight, therefore the players will able to choose the hockey stick that is comfortable to them and suit to their playing style.

The price for the field hockey stick is usually started around $30, and it can get more expensive according to the material and quality.

The field hockey ball

In today game, the standard hockey ball is made from hardened plastic material. The price for the field hockey ball is around $5.

Field hockey goal nets

According to the official regulation, the size of field hockey goal is 3.66m by 2.1m. The net for the goal is usually made from synthetic nylon material. The frame for the goal usually made from galvanized steel rod material which is folded to form goal storage. The price for the field hockey’s goal frame could reach around $400. The price is for the frame alone and not including the net’s price, although you might get a discount price if you bought the whole set.

Field hockey clothing

The attires for field hockey players are including the standard uniform such as jerseys, shorts, socks and shoes and the safety gears such as mouth guards, protection pads for the knee, leg, elbow and knees, jockstraps and wrist guards.

For the goalie, they are using more complete guard to protect their whole bodies in addition to the regular protection for other field player such as helmet with face guard, protectors for chest and throat, knees and shin guard in addition for the standard leg protection pads. All of these safety gears are usually made from fiberglass, rubber or plastic materials, or the combination of those materials.